Using office assistant and online help for PowerPoint presentation:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

With little help get your work done quickly. Firstly get the product installed via As a user if you require help while preparing presentation simultaneously then one can use office assistant. Office Assistant is available on the main menu under help -> Show Office Assistant. Click on office assistant and then start by creating presentation. Office Assistant would list out the possible solution for creating presentation. Select anyone based upon your requirement and start creating your presentation. Once you feel you can do it on your own close the HTML help window and continue with your work.

Help form MSDN and Internet

Microsoft PowerPoint provide help online with separate program. Help is provided to programmers having access to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) such as Microsoft Visual Studio. This has a section for Microsoft Office with sub-category on Microsoft PowerPoint. One can expand the link displaying office help and then visit the link to Microsoft PowerPoint. As a user one would always refer to Microsoft corporate website for help first. The website of Microsoft divided into categories and the dedicated page for Microsoft PowerPoint is at

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